Why does my TV not work with Sky 3D?


Should you experience issues when viewing 3D content on Sky TV:

  1. Add the HD set top box via the “add device” option on the “Home Page”
  2. Then manually enable side by side mode via either the smart button on the television remote control or via the main picture menu
  3. The Sky Box should be set to 1080i picture mode and connected to the TV via HDMI

If you continue to experience issues with 3D content on Sky:

Please contact Sky to ensure there are no technical issues with your box or the signal being recieved

It is important to remember that Sky 3D uses a different format to other 3D content e.g. 3D Blu Ray

Sky is aware of the slight blurring and is improving its 3D encoding, remember Sky 3D is the 1st 3D television channel and will continue to evolve

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