Why am I unable to access BD-live features?


There may be several reasons why you cannot access BD-live features.

First make sure that the disc actually contains BD-Live features. You can find this information on the cover of the disc or the publisher website.

Next, you need to verify that your Blu-ray player is connected to a network with internet access. Make sure that the network is connected to the internet, the router is switched on and that all network cables are firmly inserted in their sockets. In some cases you may need to setup the network again. Proceed as follows:

  • Turn on your TV and select your home theatre as the source.
  • Press the 'Home' button, select [Setup] and press OK.
  • Select [Network] > [Network Installation] > [Wired (Ethernet)] and press OK.
  • Follow the instruction on the TV to complete the setup.
    The home theatre connects to the Internet. If it fails to establish a connection, select [Retry] and press OK .
  • Select [Finish] and press OK to exit.

In order to access BD-Live features, your Blu-ray player needs to be connected to a USB device with sufficient available storage space.

How much space is needed exactly depends on the BD-Live features, but if you continue to experience difficulties, we advise you to connect an empty USB stick with a capacity of at least 1 Gigabyte.

If you are experiencing difficulties with a USB device that worked fine before, you may need to empty or delete the folder named 'BUDA' that is stored on it. Your Blu-ray player uses this 'BUDA' folder to store BD-Live features, so keep in mind that you will lose any BD-Live material that the folder may contain.

Make sure that the file system of the USB device is in the FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS format.

Note: Loading BD-Live content from the Internet may take some time, depending on the file size and the speed of the Internet connection.

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