My DivX subtitles are not displayed or displayed incorrectly, what can I do?


Make sure:

  • The file extension of subtitle file is .srt, .smi, .sub, .ssa, or .txt
  • The subtitle filename is the same as the DivX movie filename. For example: If filename of the movie is ‘Movie.avi’, the text file for the subtitle should be ‘Movie.sub’ or ‘’.
  • The subtitle file is in the same folder as the DivX movie file.
  • If the full length of the subtitle is not displayed during the movie playback, this could be due to the subtitle text length exceeding the maximum limit for this set. In this case, rename the subtitle to a shorter length.


  • Subtitle is supported in local playback – USB, Disc (DVD, Blu Ray), but not in network playback – DLNA, VOD (video store) of Net TV.
  • Devices supplied to different regional markets support subtitles in different languages. Therefore, subtitles in certain languages might not be supported by your device. For example, subtitles in Simplified Chinese are not supported by devices supplied to the Europe market.

Follow the steps below to select the correct character set.

  1. Press 'OPTIONS' on the remote control .
  2. Press the Navigation buttons to select [Character Set].
  3. Press OK.
  4. Select the character set and press OK

    Note: The list below may not be the same as the list you get from the device. It is because the languages supported is different for devices supplied to different regional markets.   

    [ Standard ] - Default setting
    English, Albanian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Kurdish (Latin), Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish
    [ Central Europe ]
    Albanian, Croat, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Irish, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene and Sorbian
    [ Cyrillic ]
    Bulgarian, Belorussian, English, Macedonian, Moldavian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian
    [ Greek ]
    [ Hebrew ]
    [ Chinese(Simp) ]
    Simplified Chinese
    [ Chinese(Trad) ]
    Traditional Chinese 
    [ Korean ]

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