Why does coffee escape from the filter during use?


This may be due to the new Crema Perfetta filter not being correctly fitted.
It is important when fitting the Crema Perfetta filter or Coffee pod filter that the supplied small black pin is inserted first and the correct usage instructions are followed:
To brew ground coffee, it is only necessary to insert the new “Crema Perfetta” filter (A) into the filter holder together with the supplied pin. Then proceed with the subsequent steps described in the manual.
In order to use a pod, remove the “Crema Perfetta” filter (A), insert the Coffee pod filter (B) together with the supplied pin as described in the manual, then proceed with the subsequent steps.
To clean the “Crema Perfetta” filters, remove and wash them in running water.
Important note: The “Crema Perfetta” filters should be kept clean to guarantee perfect results. Wash them after each use. If you experience a malfunction in the coffee brewing process, leave the “Crema Perfetta” filters in a container of hot water for 30 minutes, then rinse them in running water and try again.

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