My internet provider is not listed as a provider (e.g. and I want to read my E-mail with “E-Mail op TV” on the Dutch Net TV page. How can I use this service?


This is how you do it:
• Gebruikersnaam: is the username that you use to log in to your e-mail (e.g. your full e-mail address).
• Wachtwoord: is the password that you use to log in to your e-mail. Make sure you use the correct small or capital characters if you have them in your password.
• Ignore the “Provider/server” field.
• At “provider niet in de lijst” fill in: e.g.
• Type: POP3
• Bewaren: have it marked; it will remember your e-mail address, so less typing next time you want to log in.

Note: You won’t be able to open attachments or messages in HTML. Only plain text messages are good to read. In rare cases you might get an XML parsing error. In that case one of the e-mails conflicts with the browser in the TV. Removing some e-mails in your mailbox via a PC will fix the problem.

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