What should I do when there is no picture and no sound when I watch HD movie from the 'Tatung' or 'Telekom' set-top box connected via HDMI?


Update your TV with the software version, which is attached on this FAQ page.

WARNING: Do not update your TV software when you are not using the following set-top boxes:

  • Tatung STB-3xxx series
  • Telekom X102
  • Telekom X300
  • Telekom X301
  • Telekom X303

Follow below procedures on how to update your TV software.

Before you start

Ensure that you have the following:

  • A USB flash drive with at least 100MB of free space.
    WARNING: Do not use a USB hard drive for this software update.
  • A file compression application (the latest version of WinZip® is recommended)

Step 1 - Download the software update

Note: This procedure assumes that you use a Microsoft® Windows® PC with the latest version of WinZip installed.

  • Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on your PC.
  • On the FAQ page, click the ‘’ attachment. 

    The File Download window appears.
  • Click [Open]. 

    The WinZip window appears.
  • Click [Extract].

    The Extract dialog box appears. 
  • Select your USB flash drive (for example, ‘Removable Disk [I:]’), then click [Extract]. 

    The ‘autorun.upg’ software update file is copied to the root directory of your USB flash drive. 
  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to your USB flash drive and check that the USB flash drive contains the ‘autorun.upg’ file. 

    If this file is available, proceed to the next step. If the file is unavailable, repeat this procedure or contact Philips Support in your country.

Step 2 - Update the software on your TV

  1. Switch “on” the TV set.
  2. Insert the updated USB flash drive into the USB port on the side of the TV.

  3. The TV switches off and the screen stays black for 10 seconds. Please wait for the TV to switch back on automatically. 

    Note: Do not use the remote control, remove the USB flash drive or use the power switch on the TV. 
  4. The TV switches back on again. The Software upgrade wizard appears.
  5. Select [Yes] and press the OK button. 

  6. The software update starts automatically. Please wait for the update to finish.
    This is indicated on the screen by a notification message. 

  7. Disconnect the USB flash drive from the TV. 

  8. Press  standby button once on the remote control.
    Note: Do not press the  standby button twice or use the power switch on the TV. 

  9. The TV switches off and the screen stays black for 10 seconds. Please wait. 

  10. The TV switches back on again. The TV software is now up-to-date. 

Note: To prevent accidental updates to the TV software, delete the ‘autorun.upg’ file from the USB flash drive.


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