My Home Theater System (HTS) does not wake up automatically when the TV starts from standby. What should I do?


Check the following:

  • Ensure that your TV is HDMI-CEC compliant with system audio control functionality and that it is activated. For detailed information, refer to the TV user manual.
    • If you have a Philips TV, you need to select the 'Home>Setup>TV settings>EasyLink>TV speakers>EasyLink Autostart' 
  • The HTS and TV are connected via a HDMI cable.

Follow these steps to set up your HTS:

  1. Press (Home)
  2. Select [Setup], and then press 'OK'
  3. Select [EasyLink] > [EasyLink], and then press 'OK'
  4. Select [On], and then press 'OK'
  5. Select [EasyLink] > [System Audio Control] > [On], and then press 'OK'
  6. Select [EasyLink] > [Audio Input Mapping], and then press 'OK'
  7. Follow the instructions on the TV screen to map the audio input of the connected device


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