What do I do when my TV does not switch on after I have inserted the power cable to the power outlet?


Your TV has a power switch located at the bottom right of the TV. Make sure the power switch is switched on before you use your TV.

If you have already switched on the TV’s power switch and your TV is still unable to switch on;

  • Check the power cable to ensure that it is properly secured to the power outlet and the TV.
  • Connect the power cable directly to the power outlet. Avoid using a power extension socket.
  • Always switch off the TV with the TV's power switch when you insert the power cable to the power outlet. This will prevent any power spikes that may cause the TV to go into protection mode.
  • Try resetting the TV by switching off the TV with the TV's power switch for 5 seconds.

If your TV still does not switched on;

  • Please contact the Philips Consumer Care centre for further assistance or to find more information related to this issue. You can find the contact details on the Consumer Support page.
  • Make sure you have the model number and the serial number at hand when you call us. You find these numbers on the sticker at the side/back of your TV.

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