How to switch the presenter on / off?


The presenter is automatically switched off when a dongle is stored inside it – the dongle holder is also a switch.

To switch on the presenter:

  1. Press the dongle inwards until it clicks.
  2. Take the dongle out.

Note: Removing the dongle by only pulling it out of the presenter does not switch the presenter on; you really have to use the press-to-release method described above to switch the presenter on. 

To switch off the presenter: 

Insert the dongle into the presenter until it clicks. 

If you are unsure whether the presenter is switched on or not:

  • Re-insert the dongle fully into the presenter to switch the presenter off. Press the dongle inwards till it clicks, and then take it out. Now the presenter is switched on.


  • Open the battery cover to check the on/off switch. If the word ‘ON’ is visible, the presenter is switched on. If needed, the switch can be pressed manually. 

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