What are the tips for firmware update?


Before you start:
  • Make sure the Airplay device is connected to the network successfully. To ensure this:
    1. Disconnect the device from power supply. Wait for a few seconds.
    2. Connect the device to power supply. The LED blinks in green.
    3. Wait until there is a beep sound and LED is on continuously in green.
  • Make sure your device used to update the firmware of DS9800W (ie, your Apple device or PC) is connected to the same network as your Airplay device. 
If you have difficulty in connection, go through the network setup procedures in the Quick Start Guide.

There is a Do-It-Yourself video specially produced to show you the steps on firmware update. Click on “Tutorials” / "Instruction Video” and then on “Firmware Upgrade DS9800W” to view the video.

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