How do I navigate in an audio book from Audible?


Select your audiobook by selecting “Music” in the main menu and then select “Audiobooks”.
Tip: You can search for an audiobook by its title or author.

Section Navigation

  1. During play, press “Option” button.
  2. Select “Navigation mode”.
  3. Select “Section”.
  4. Press “Return” button.
  5. Single press “Fast Forward” button () to section forward or single press “Rewind” button () to section back.

Single press “Fast Forward” button () = go to next section
Single press “Rewind” button () = go back to previous section
Press and hold “Fast Forward” button () = Fast forward
Press and hold “Rewind” button () = Fast rewind

Resume feature 
Resume function enables you to remember where you stopped last time from an audiobook. The next time you start up the same audiobook, it will ask you if you’d like to continue from where you have stopped last time.
To do so, select Music > audiobook > Resume [book name…]

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