What can be the possible reason why a video is not recorded to Dropbox through In.Sight app?


When uploading your recording to Dropbox, it may take some time for the home monitor to process and upload the video. Depending on the speed of your network this may take 1-3 minutes. During this period, if you try to start a new recording, In.Sight App may return a ‘Record error’. In this case, wait a little while and try again.

Other than the above, make sure:

  • The latest version of Philips In.Sight App is used.
  • The latest firmware for the home monitor is installed.
  • The name of the monitor contains only numbers 0 to 9 and/or alphabets A to Z (or a to z). Monitor names that contain other characters or symbols are not supported by Dropbox.
  • Your Dropbox account is valid.
  • Dropbox option in In.Sight App is activated.
  • Your Dropbox account is not full. Generally speaking, around 500KB is needed for one audio recording. Clean up the Dropbox space regularly to make sure there is enough capacity for your audio recordings.

If all of the above conditions are met but it is still not possible to record a video to Dropbox, contact consumer support (Contact Page) for further assistance.

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