Why is the sound on my TV so low even when I increase the volume?


In order to enjoy the highest possible sound quality, we advise you to place the TV close to a wall or cabinet. The speaker is located at the back and projects the sound behind the TV, which is why the quality of the sound improves if it is reflected off a wall or a cabinet.

Check whether the sound quality has improved. If not:

You can use the smart settings in the TV menu to set your TV to a predefined sound setting that will give you the best sound quality.

Follow these steps to select the settings that suit your preferences:

  1. Press the ‘ADJUST’ button on the remote control to access the Adjust menu.
  2. Press the cursor right to select [Smart sound] and press the 'OK' button to display the list of available settings.
  3. Press the cursor up or down to select the predefined settings according to your preference.
  4. Press the 'OK' button to confirm.
  5. Press the button to exit the menu.

Alternatively, you may switch off the [Clear sound] mode in the [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Sound] menu.

If the TV is connected to the audio system:

  1. Check the connection with the audio system.
  2. Switch the audio system to the correct source.
  3. Check the volume level of audio system.
  4. Change the audio setting on the audio system to match your personal taste.

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