How to upgrade the firmware of the device?


Firmware upgrade of the device is performed through Philips DockStudio App.

  1. Power on your Philips docking speaker.
  2. Dock your Android-powered product onto the docking speaker. Philips DockStudio App would be started automatically. Alternatively, manually start Philips DockStudio App. 
    : Connection of the Android-powered product to the Internet via Wi-Fi connection is recommended. Otherwise, you may be charged for the data transfer by your mobile service provider.
  3. Your Android-powered product would be connected to the docking speakers through Bluetooth automatically.
  4. If there is an updated firmware ready, an icon of “Updated firmware availableā€ is shown in the notification area on the top of your Android-powered product. If you wish to download and install the updated firmware, tap on the notification pull-down page and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. After update, the Philips docking speakers will reboot.
  6. The App will report that the upgrade is successful.

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