What are the tips and tricks when using NFC (Near Field Communication)?


NFC (Near Field Communication) is intended to assist in connecting your mobile device and this Philips product through Bluetooth.

  1. Locate the NFC tag on your mobile device. (You may need to refer to the user manual of your mobile device).
  2. Tap the NFC tag of your mobile device on the NFC tag of the product (indicated by the NFC icon). 
    Note: Make sure the NFC tag of your mobile device is brought close to the NFC tag on the product.

  3. Hold your mobile device in this position until there is a feedback from your mobile device. The feedback may be visual (e.g., a message displayed on the screen), audio (e.g., a beep from the mobile device), or a vibration of the mobile device, depending on its settings.
  4. Once you receive this feedback from your mobile device, move your mobile device away from the NFC tag of the product.

The Bluetooth connection between the product and your mobile device will then be established. Depending on different models, there would be an audio signal or LED indication from the product when the connection is successful. You can now enjoy wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth.

At the first time that you establish Bluetooth connection between the mobile device and the product, there would be a prompt from your mobile device to pair your mobile device with the product. Confirm/Accept pairing on your mobile device.

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