How to add a function from my original remote control to the Philips remote control?


Before you begin, note that:

  • Do not move the remote controls or change the distance between them while learning.
  • You can store a function under any of the available keys, except LEARN, SELECT, SHIFT and SETUP.
  • Some functions of some types of remote controls might not be learned.
  • Use new batteries for both the learning and the original remote control.

Follow below steps to add a function:

  1. Place both remote controls on a flat surface (like a coffee table) and aim them head-to-head with about 30mm in between. You may need to adjust the height of one of the remote controls to achieve this.
  2. Press SELECT to select the desired device mode (TV, DVD, STB or AMP).
    - The device mode indicator lights up in the selector window.
  3. Press and hold SETUP until the device mode indicator blinks and then remains lit, then release the key.
  4. Press LEARN.
    - The device mode indicator blinks once, then remains lit.
  5. Press the key you wish to learn a new function to (target key). E.g. Standby  .
  6. Press and hold the key you wish to copy on the original remote control until the device mode indicator blinks once and then remains lit.
    - If there is a learning problem, the indicator blinks for 3 seconds and then remains lit. 
  7. Repeat steps 5 to 6 for other functions from the selected device you wish to learn to this remote control. 
  8. Press and release SETUP when all desired functions are learned.

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