How to add a function from my original remote control to the Philips remote control?


You can store a function under any of the available keys of your remote control, except LEARN, SELECT and SHIFT. Note that any function that is already stored under a key will be deleted.

Below is an example for adding a function of your VCR on the remote control:

  1. To select VCR, press the SELECT key until the VCR LED lights up.
  2. Press LEARN key and the target key on the Philips remote control simultaneously for 5 seconds, until the VCR LED blinks twice and then remains lit.

  3. Place both remote controls on a flat surface (like a coffee table) and aim them head-to-head with about 10cm in between. 

  4. Press the button you want to copy on the original remote control.
    • If the Philips remote control has learned the code, the VCR LED blinks twice to confirm the signal is stored.
    • If the LED blinks once for a longer period, the IR signal is not learned by the Philips remote control. Please try a few times and make sure the remote controls are aligned as described in step 3.

If the Philips remote control cannot learn the code after several times trying, it is possible that:

  • The IR signal of your original device is out of range (the Philips remote control can only learn IR signals with a carrier signal to 30-60kHz).
  • The memory of remote control is full.
  • The Philips remote control stopped the learning process after 20 seconds if no IR signals are found. Check if your original remote control is working correctly.

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