Some keys do not give a response. What can I do ?


Below are some tips to resolve the problem:

  • Check if the keys you press are available on the original remote control of the device.
  • Follow the steps below to improve the keys:
    1. Make sure the receiving device is able to respond. (For example, if you are going to repair the “Play “key for your DVD player, make sure you insert a DVD into the DVD player. Otherwise the Play key is not able to function.)
    2. Press the key that does not function, keep it pressed and immediately release it when the device responds. Repeat this for every key that does not function.
      (Tip: If the key still does not function as expected, try pressing it again for a longer period of time.
  • Follow the steps below to get the Philips remote to learn key functions from the original remote control.
    1. Have the original remote control on hand.
    2. Select the desired device (e.g. DVD). Press the DVD key to select DVD player. Then the key will light up.
    3. Place both remote controls on a flat surface (like a table) and aim them head-to-head with about 5-10cm in between.
    4. Press and hold the Learn key and the key you wish to learn on the SRP5004 for 5 seconds, until the red Setup LED lights up. Now, SRP5004 is in learning mode.

    5. Press and hold the key that you wish to learn on the original remote control until (a) the device selection key ( for this example) gives two short blinks and (b) both the key and Setup LED go out.
      The remote control has now learned the new function.
      * Please ensure both remote controls have enough battery level for learning purpose.
      * Maximum learning memory capacity for SRP5004 is 60 keys. 
  • If a wrong code is selected during setup, set up the remote control again for the device. Always test if the device responds, before leaving setup mode.
  • It is also possible that the keys that you are trying to use have a different naming on the original remote control. In this case, you may need to try out all keys to find the one(s) you need.

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