How to add a function from my original remote control to the Philips remote control?


  1. Press and hold XTRA button for 3 seconds:
    - The backlight (if enabled) turns on.
    - The display shows “SETUP” and .
    - The keys that can be used are blinking.
  2. Use  and  to select the extra function you wish to add or change.
  3. Confirm with OK.
    - The display shows “LEARN”, “SETUP” and  together with .
  4. Place both remote controls on a flat surface (like a coffee table) and aim them head-to-head with about 5-10 cm in between.

  5. Press the function key on the original remote control (e.g. the AMBILIGHT key on your TV remote control) or press  if you wish to return to step 2.
    - The display shows together with e.g. . The extra function has been added successfully.
    - If the display shows “ERROR”, start again from step 1.
    - If the display shows “MEM FULL”, please restore the original functions of the remote control:
    a) Keep digit keys 1 and 6 pressed simultaneously for 3 seconds. Then ‘SETUP’ lights up. The remote control is now in setup mode.
    b) Press digit keys 9,8 and 1, in that order. Then “981 – WAIT” appears on the display. All original functions have now been restored and any extra functions have been deleted.

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