Some keys do not give a response. What can I do ?


This problem could happen in two situations:

(A) You have selected the wrong device name.

  • Refer to the device name overview in chapter 2.2 ‘Setting up the remote control’ to select the correct device name.

(B) As there are more different kind of brands and products in market, your remote control may not be fully compatible with all brands and products.

Follow the steps below to get the Philips remote control to learn the functions from the original remote control:

  1. Touch the “+” button in the toolbar. Then a function list appears on the screen.
  2. Touch the button function you wish to add.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for testing the button.
  4. Touch the “Yes” button if the new button functions properly. Then the tool bar appears.
  5. Touch the  button in the toolbar when finished. Then the last used Setup screen appears. The button is now added to the keypad.

Alternatively, download the new remote control firmware. Refer to chapter 4.10 ‘Installing the Philips PrestigoSync software’.

If the above does not help, click Contact Page to contact your local consumer care service.

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