What can I do if there is connection issue between the main unit and the wireless subwoofer (or speakers)?


Follow the steps below to perform a manual pairing of the speakers to the main unit. 
Make sure you follow the steps in the sequence below.

  1. Switch on the system.
  2. Undock both the left and right wireless speakers from the main unit.
  3. On the back of the subwoofer, press the CONNECT button until the LED indicator (located on the front of the subwoofer) starts blinking quickly.
    • The subwoofer enters pairing mode.
  4. On the remote control, press OPTICAL button.
  5. On the remote control, press and hold AUDIO SYNC + button for 5 seconds. When the LED indicator on the subwoofer stops blinking and starts to be on continuously, the sub-woofer is paired with the main unit.
  6. Put the wireless speakers (left and right) to the main unit (left and right). They would be automatically paired with the main unit when the red/orange blinking light on wireless speakers stop.

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