What are the Spotify features that are supported by my Wireless Hi-Fi speaker?


The following features are offered:

  • Access the Spotify catalogue with over 20 million tracks
  • Search tracks, albums, and artists
  • View new releases, top tracks, and albums in your region
  • Play your playlists
  • Play the starred songs
  • CD-quality 320 kbps sound, mobile use, offline access, and exclusive music content

You need Premium membership of Spotify in order to use these features. Also please make sure the speaker is upgraded with firmware version 4.37S or later.

Visit for a free trial of Spotify Premium membership.

For successful login:

  • Make sure your account is of Premium membership.
  • When you enter the login name, do not enter the domain of your registered email. For example, if the Spotify registered email address is, enter only “abc” as the login name.

To check whether your account is of Premium membership:

  • Download the Spotify App on your iOS or Android devices, only Premium account can be accepted by the App.

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