Any tips for scanning the QR code?


First of all, double check that you are using the correct App for this model. For this model you should be using InSightHD App. If you are using other Apps, the QR code cannot be recognized by the monitor.

Place the Phone's QR code in front of the Monitor's lens at 5cm and then slowly move away up to 20cm. This should make the scan successful, repeat if necessary. 

For Apple devices, if Assistive Touch is enabled, make sure the on-screen button is not overlapping with the QR code. 

If the scanning of QR code fail, try resetting the monitor:

  1. Disconnect the monitor from power supply.
  2. Reconnect the monitor to power supply. Wait until the LED is flashing amber.
  3. Use a pointed object (such a tip of a pen) to press and hold the reset button (located on the back of the monitor) for 1-2 seconds
  4. Disconnect the monitor from power supply.
  5. Reconnect the power supply.
  6. Repeat the setup from step 1 of the onscreen instructions to connect the monitor.

If the QR code is still not recognized by the monitor after trying the above steps, contact consumer care (Contact Page) for further assistance.

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