How to upgrade the firmware of the speaker?


Before you begin:

  1. Make sure your Airplay speaker and the Apple device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Switch on the speaker.
  3. Wait until there is a beep sound and the LED indication turns solid. (Depending on model, the LED indicator light may be green or blue.)

You can upgrade the firmware either via the SoundStudio App, or via PC.

Upgrade via SoundStudio App

  1. Launch the SoundStudio App

  2. On the App, there will be a prompt of choosing appropriated speaker. Select your speaker.
  3. If there is no prompt, go to the equalizer page; tap on “Select a wireless player”. 
  4. After selecting a speaker, the equalizer page changes to the illustration below.  
  5. Tap on the settings icon for firmware upgrade for the speaker. 

If firmware upgrade via the SoundStudio App is unsuccessful, follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware using a PC.

Upgrade via PC

  1. Download the new firmware package with extension .fw from this website to your computer. 
    DO NOT rename the folder and the file. 
  2. Start Safari browser in your computer. 
    Note: Make sure your computer and the speaker is in the same network. 
  3. Click the open-book icon in the Safari bookmarks bar, and then select Bonjour in the Collections list. 
  4. Click on Philips_SoundSphere XXXXXX
  5. The Philips Fidelio Airplay Webpage would be launched. DO NOT click on anything. 
  6. Wait until the following page (Philips Fidelio Airplay update page) is launched. Then click “Firmware Update”. 
    Note: If there is a lot of interference in the environment, there would be delay before the web pages refreshes. This refresh can take up to 5mins. 
  7. Click on Choose file.
    Browse for .fw file (downloaded in Step 1) and click “upload”. 
  8. Check the current and new firmware version and then click “OK” to proceed. 
  9. Once completed, the message “Upload process finished successfully” will be shown.

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