Any tips for placing the system to get the best sound effect?


Your room settings would have an effect on what you hear from a set of audio system. In other words, factors like walls, corners, windows and furniture have an effect on the sound effect that you hear.

Below are some general tips to get the best acoustic effects:

Proper rack for speakers

  • Choose proper rack to hold your speakers. Some racks, especially metal ones, add harshness to the sound - the rack vibrates with the speaker and triggers external vibration noise.
  • Speakers being placed on the floor (especially uncarpeted floor) may also cause external vibration noise. Therefore placing the speakers on the floor is not recommended unless there is a stand.
  • It is recommended to have the speakers at the height of your ear level when you sit on the hearing spot.

Location of the speakers

  • Place your speakers as wide apart as the cable length allows. Increasing the distance between two speakers enlarges the soundstage and allows you to have more involving sound.
  • Place your speakers slightly away from the wall (no less than a distance of one footstep) to avoid strong booming sound.
  • Angle the speaker upon the hearing position. This increases the solidity of the sound.
  • If there is a subwoofer in the system, it is suggested to place it in the front part of the soundstage but 8-12 inch from the wall. This increases the chance of you sitting in the best spot for bass.
  • Having speakers or subwoofer facing the window is a not a good idea as this makes sound rebound difficult in the soundstage.

Location of other furniture

  • Avoid placing other furniture such as table and chair between the speakers and the listening position. These obstacles may cause unexpected sound bound.

Finding the hearing sweet spot

  • Adjust the location of your chair back and forth to find the best hearing sweet spot.
  • If possible, use a low-backed chair or sofa so that your ears will not be deprived of the acoustic details.

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