How to save my recorded video clips?


If you are using Gold, Silver or 2-week free trial subscription plan, recorded video clips can be exported and saved.

Follow the steps below to save the recorded video:

  1. On a computer, go to
  2. Login with your InSightHD account details. 
  3. Click the screen of the camera from which you would like to export the recorded video. 
  4. Adjust the date/time range on the timeline. This allows you to locate the video that you want to export more easily. 
  5. Click on Save  (located beneath the timeline). 
  6. An orange block with 2 dots at the ends would be shown. Scroll the dots back and forth to select the time period for the video you want to export. 
  7. The videos recorded (indicated by the blue blocks on the timeline) during the selected time period (indicated by the orange block on the timeline) can be exported. Click "Queue for download" ( button) to download. A message “The selected range has been queued for download” will be shown.  
  8. Go to the “Archive Export” tab. The video to be exported will be shown in this tab.  
  9. Click ‘Download…’ button to download the video to your local directories. The file type of the saved video is avi. 

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