Any tips to reduce eye strain from tablet usage?


Bad posture and bad habits of using tablets and other similar electronic devices, such as holding it too close to the face, may cause discomfort such as eye strain. 

Below are some tips for you when using tablets or other similar devices:

  • Place your tablet further away from your eyes, ideally over 18 inches from your eyes.
  • Keep the screen clean to minimize glare.
  • Enlarge the text size of your tablet for easy viewing.
  • Avoid using a tablet when you are walking, or in a bouncy mobile vehicle.
  • Take a break every 20 minutes of use. Stare away from your tablet and look at something far away.
  • Adjust the backlight according to the brightness of the environment.
  • Avoid using a tablet in a dark environment, e.g. after switching off the light at night.
  • Do not block the light source by your body or other obstacles. 

To rest your eyes:

  • Blink more often. If you feel your eyes are dry, blink quickly to lubricate your eyes and refresh them.
  • To enjoy a quick, convenient eye compress: Clean your hands. Rub your palms quickly to make them warm. Close your eyes and place your palms over your eyes. Hold the pose for about 15 seconds.
  • Use eye drops to moisture your eyes if you find your eyes very dry. Seek medical advice when in doubt.

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