How do I get rid of the blinking LED / the blinking envelope?


The blinking LED and blinking envelope indicates a new event (a missed call).

Check the missed call log of your phone and your new messages (if your model has answering machine feature, or your telecommunication service provider offers voicemail service) to make the blinking led or envelope disappear.

To check the call log of your phone:

  1. Press to access the call log.
  2. Press continuously until there are no missed call logs.

To check the new messages:

  1. Press [MENU/OK] button.
  2. Select [Answ.Machine] > [Play], then press [MENU/OK] to confirm. New message will start playing, and old message will be played if there are no new messages.
    • Press [REDIAL/C] button to stop listening.
    • Press [MENU/OK] button to enter the option menu.

*The envelope / LED will not blink if all new messages are listened / deleted

If you have multiple handsets you may need to repeat these steps for all handsets.


If the envelope or the LED continues to blink even after you checked the call log, contact Philips Consumer Care (Contact Page)  for assistance.

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