Any advice to protect hearing for kids?


Below are some advices for hearing protection:

  • Lower the volume of the audio device
    • 85dB is a safe hearing level suggested in various European Union Safety Standard such as EN60065 and EN 60950-1.  For kids it is suggested to further lower the volume to 50%-75% of the volume bar of your audio device for better hearing protection.
  • Control and shorten the length of time
    • Long exposure to noise or loud music playback may cause hearing loss. It is suggested to limit the time of using headphones to a maximum of 2 hours a day for kids.
  • Use audio device which complies with European Union Standard EN 60950-1
    • The latest European Union Safety Standard EN 60950-1:A12 requires portable entertainment products such as MP3 player to equip with a sound volume limit alert feature. It is suggested to purchase a device which complies with the latest European Union Safety standard to give the best protection to your kids.

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