How do I switch off the ringer?


Follow the steps below to activate silent mode.

  1. Select [Menu] > [Phone setup] > [Sounds] > [Silent mode]; then press [OK].
  2. Select [On/off]. Then select [On]; then press [OK] to confirm.

The setting is saved; would be displayed.

When there is an incoming call, the phone does not ring and “Incoming call” would be displayed. You may check the name and number of the caller from the call log if you have registered to the caller ID service with your service provider.

You may also specify a time period for silent mode. This is especially useful to prevent incoming calls from disturbing you at certain time periods (such as night time).

To enable this, follow steps 1 to 2 above:

  1. Select [Start & end], then press [OK] .
  2. Set the time; then press [OK] to confirm.

The setting is saved.

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