How to set “My Favourites” for Internet radio?


To set “My Favourites” in Internet radio, you have to register an account in Frontier Silicon Internet Radio portal website ( Then you can manage your favourite radio stations in this account. 

To register your radio:

  1. Make sure that the radio is in Internet radio mode, and has been connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. On the radio, go to [Station list] > [Help] > [Get access code].
  3. Wait for a while, a 7-digit code would be displayed.
  4. Write down this code. (The code may contain numbers and/or alphabets.)
  5. Do NOT switch off the radio. Do NOT disconnect the radio from the Internet.
  6. On a computer, go to .
  7. Click on “Not a member”.
  8. Register a new account. You will need to enter the access code that you have recorded from the radio.

Note: The displayed access code is only valid for a few minutes. If you fail to register your radio within the time period, you need to repeat the above steps to get a new access code and try again.

To add radio stations to “My Favourite”:

  1. Login to .
  2. Browse or search for stations, and then add them to your favourite station list.
    - You would also need to give a name to your favourite stations group.
  3. Log out from your account.
  4. Switch on your radio. Make sure it is connected to the Internet.
  5. Go to [Internet radio] > [Station list] > [My Favourites].
    - Now your favourite Internet radio stations are preset in your radio.

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