My SENSEO® continues to drip long after brewing.


Some dripping is normal, so there is no need to worry. The drip tray and drip tray cover will catch the drips, and you can easily remove these parts for cleaning. 

Make sure the coffee pod is placed correctly in the pod holder.
If you don’t place the coffee pod(s) correctly, water may escape along the edges of the pod or pods and can cause after dripping.

To place the pod(s) correctly:

Make sure the coffee inside the coffee pods is distributed evenly.
Place the pods with the convex side pointing downwards in the center of the pod holder.
Make sure you use the correct number of pods and press the correct button. Do not use the same coffee pod twice.
To make one cup of coffee: use one pod in combination with the 1-cup pod holder and the 1-cup button.
To make two cups of coffee: use two pods in combination with the 2-cup pod holder and the 2-cup button.

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