How should I remove/replace the shaving heads?


Remove the shaving heads:

Switch off the appliance, remove the adapter from the wall socket and disconnect the small plug from the shaver or take the shaver from the charger of Jet Clean System 

  1. Press the release button to open the shaving unit. (Fig. 1)
  2. Turn the lock anticlockwise and remove the retaining frame. (Fig. 2)


  1.  Remove the shaving heads.

Place the shaving heads back: 

  1. Place the cutters back into the guards. (Fig. 3) 
  2. Put the shaving heads back into the shaving unit. (Fig. 4)  Make sure that the projections of all shaving heads fit exactly into the recesses.

  1. Put the retaining frame back into the shaving unit. (Fig. 5)
  1. Turn the lock anti clockwise. Make sure the retaining frame is properly locked (Fig 6 and 7).

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