According to the manual, the Steriliser does not sterilize up to clinical standards. What does that mean?


It is correct that the Steriliser does not sterilize according to clinical standards. It sterilizes for 3 minutes above 95 degrees Celsius and that is more than enough to kill all home bacteria. It cannot be called clinical sterilizing because this refers to sterilizing needles, for instance, and has to do with the complete process. For example, after sterilizing, you should also pack the bottles in vacuum.

The most important thing is that all the bacteria are killed and this happens in the Steriliser. After that, you should handle the sterilized bottles with care. So do not leave them on the worktop or sink unit or place them in the fridge next to other food. You should really use the bottle for baby food immediately after you've sterilized it.

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