What is the difference between tanning appliances with TL lamps and tanning appliances with compact (HPA) lamps?


The difference between these lamps is most apparent in full-body tanning appliances. TL lamps are long and the tanning appliances in which they are used are therefore usually quite large. Compact (HPA) lamps are very compact and are used in relatively small, foldable full-body tanning appliances. There is no difference in tanning power between these two types of lamps. The tanning distance when using an appliance with HPA lamps is relatively large, at least 26 inches, whereas the tanning distance for appliances with TL lamps is 8 inches. Practically all tanning appliances with compact lamps tan only one side of the body, while the larger tanning appliances with TL lamps consist of a combination of a sun couch and a sun canopy and tan both sides of the body at the same time.

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