The toaster does not work.


Please make sure the plug has been inserted into the wall outlet properly. Press any button to check if the sleep mode has been activated. If the sleep mode was active, the LED of the browning level you last selected will now go on again. If this does not happen, check whether the overheat protection has been activated. If this is the case, the first and fifth LED will both blink. Wait for the LEDs to go out and switch the toaster on again. If neither the sleep mode nor the overheat protection have been activated, the time-out protection may have been activated because the bread has been toasting for more than five minutes. Remove the bread and let the toaster cool down until it automatically resets and returns to the previously selected browning setting. If the toaster does not reset and return to the previously selected browning level after it has cooled down, take the appliance to your dealer or a Philips service center to have it examined.

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