There is no gel/lotion coming out of the Cool Skin when I press the pump button.


1. The gel/lotion outflow opening may be blocked.

  • Perhaps some gel/lotion is blocking the opening.
  • Use a pin or needle to remove it.
  • When you have done this, your Cool Skin should work properly again.

2. The cartridge is empty.

The Cool Skin should work properly again after you have replaced the cartridge. Pull the pump out of the old cartridge and push it into the new one until you hear a click. Put the new cartridge in the cartridge compartment and close the cover.

3. The pump and cartridge may not have been inserted correctly.

  • Re-insert the pump into the cartridge by pushing it until you hear a click.
  • Place the cartridge with the pump into the compartment and make sure the white side of the pump is pointing upwards.
  • Then close the cover of the cartridge compartment.

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