The Cool Skin is increasingly noisy.


1. The cartridge may not have been inserted properly.

  • Re-insert the pump into the cartridge by pushing it until you hear a click.
  • Place the cartridge with the pump into the compartment and make sure the white side of the pump is pointing upwards.
  • Then close the cover of the cartridge compartment.

2. The cutters and guards may not match anymore.

You may have mixed up the cutters and guards. Since cutters and guards are matching sets, it is very important to avoid mixing them up. If you mix them up, the cutters and guards could get damaged or the Cool Skin may not perform as well as before.

3. The NIVEA FOR MEN gel/lotion has not been used.

We recommend using NIVEA FOR MEN gel/lotion for the best shaving results.

4. You may not have pressed the pump button often enough.

Make sure there's a cartridge in the shaver. Switch the shaver on, place the shaving unit on your skin and press the yellow pump button on the back of the Cool Skin. When sufficient gel/lotion has been released, start moving the shaving heads rapidly over your skin, making both straight and circular movements.

5. The shaving heads may be worn out / the shaving heads may be malfunctioning.

The Cool Skin should shave properly again after you have replaced the shaving heads.

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