How to best maintain your cleaner?


  1. Do not vacuum water if your cleaner does not have the required equipment. Moisture could damage the bag, the motor and the electronic parts which are contained in more and more cleaner models.
  2. Do not vacuum warm ashes, cigarettes, matches or any flammable products.
  3. Avoid vacuuming big quantities of fine dust (cement, plaster, flour) that could quickly clog the bag.
  4. Never use your cleaner without a dust bag. This could damage the cleaner.
  5. To improve the performance and longevity of your cleaner, and to avoid growth of bacteria in the bag, we recommend that you change the dust bag regularly.
  6. Likewise, to maintain the optimal filtration level of your cleaner, change your motor filter and exhaust filter every 5 bags. Washable filters should be cleaned regularly and dried before being returned to the cleaner.
  7. To best maintain your cleaner always replace the dust bag, filters and accessories with original brand.
  8. Make sure that the exhaust is not obstructed and that the motor can be cooled. Check the nozzle and remove the dust before use.

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