How will synthetic bags like s-bagĀ® CLASSIC LONG PERFORMANCE improve the performance of my cleaner?


Synthetic materials have a better capacity to retain particles without clogging, due to the structure of the material. Clogging in dust bags means that particles block the material, thus reducing the airflow through the bag which leads to a loss in suction power. Instead of the particles adhering to the surface of the material, as it is the case with paper, they are retained in and among the fibres. This reduces the clogging effect and improves the filtration capacity as well as performance lifetime of the dust bag. Furthermore, since the synthetic fibres are automatically charged with static electricity during vacuuming, these attract the similarly charged dust particles leading to more efficient filtration. The low clogging of the new synthetic s-bag, results in maximum suction power, thus optimizing dust pick up. Combined with high filtration, the synthetic s-bag captures a maximum of dust particles, leaving a clean home with pure fresh air.

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