Why is my SENSEO® only making half cups of coffee?


Is this the first time you use your SENSEO® machine? 
If so, please check if the flushing procedure has been performed correctly. 
The flushing procedure cleans the interior of the SENSEO® and fills the boiler with water. 

If this is not the first time you use your SENSEO® machine, please check the following?

  1. Is the pod holder clogged? 
    Check if the problem persist if you use the other pod holder (change the 1-cup or 2-cup pod holder)
    If the volume turns out to be normally, the pod holder might be clogged.
    For a good cup of SENSEO® coffee it is essential to use clean pod holders.
    There is a sieve in the center of the pod holder. Make sure this sieve is not clogged up.
    When the hole in the center of the sieve is clogged, use a brush to unclog the hole or descale the appliance with the clogged pod holder in place.
  2. Has the cup volume decreased over time? 
    If you have noticed that the cup volume has been decreasing over a period of time, the appliance needs to be descaled. 
    The appliance has to be descaled at least every 3 months. Keeping your Senseo free of scale will ensure maximum cup volume.
  3. Did you select the right strength/volume selection. Some SENSEO® models are equipped with a strength/volume selection option.
    When your SENSEO® is equipped with this function, please check which setting you have selected. 

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