What are the product highlights?


  • Soothing sounds and projected images.
    The Magic Theatre creates a comforting wonderland in your baby's bedroom. By producing soothing sounds and
    projecting images on a ceiling or wall you can help your baby gently fall asleep.
  • 3 soothing sounds.
    Natural sounds like the sea, a heartbeat and running water are both reassuring and sleep-inducing for your
    baby. Choose the sound that is most comforting for your baby.
  • Rotating images.
    The relaxing movement of the projected images help your child fall asleep while stimulating visual development.
  • Create your own slides.
    Add a fun dimension to fairy tales and nursery rhymes and stimulate your child's creativity by creating your own slides with a waterproof pen and the blanks provided.
  • Complies with the toys' standard.
    The products that comply with the toys' standard have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet these norms and are totally safe.

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