Why does only a small amount of shaving conditioner come out of the holes even though there is enough conditioner in the cartridge?


One of the conditioner holes may be blocked. Rinse or soak the shaving unit. If this does not work, pump shaving conditioner into the shaving conditioner cartridge until conditioner starts to come out of the blocked hole. If this does not work either, try the following method:

  1. Switch off the shaver.
  2. Pull the shaving unit off the shaver
  3. Put your finger on the hole that is not blocked
  4. Switch on the shaver
  5. Press the shaving conditioner button for several seconds until conditioner starts to come out of the blocked hole again.

You may not have put the shaving heads back into their original holders. One of the shaving heads does not have a shaving conditioner hole in its center and needs to be placed in a specific holder. Make sure you put the shaving head without conditioner hole in the correct holder. This is the holder that is closest to the on/off button when the shaving unit is assembled on the shaver.

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