How should I reassemble the shaving unit?


  1. Place the cutter in the shaving head holder with the cutter legs pointing up. This is shown in fig 1. (bottom right). The top-left frame of fig. 2 shows an incorrectly placed cutter: its cutter legs are pointing down and the gearwheel is pointing up.

Fig. 1:

  1. Place the guard onto the holder (over the cutter) Fig. 2 shows how you should place the guard. Make sure that the grip ribs on the holder rim are adjacent to the edge of the shaving unit when you place the guard.
  2. Turn the holder counterclockwise until it locks into position (see green arrow in fig. 2)

Fig. 2: 

The shaving guard is properly placed if:

  • the area on the rim of the holder that is marked blue in figure 3 is visible (you can see a piece of metal if you look closely, fig. 4)
  • there is no longer a gap between the guard and the holder.

Fig. 3:  Fig. 3:

When placing the guards, please note that one of the guards does not have a shaving conditioner hole in the center. This guard must be attached to the holder that is closest to the on/off button when the shaving unit is assembled on the shaver. (Fig. 5)
Also note that each guard belongs to a specific cutter. If the cutters and guards have become mixed up, it may take several weeks before optimal shaving performance is restored.

 Fig. 5:

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