How can I remove or place the brewing unit?


If you cannot remove the brewing unit the appliance might still be switched on.
You can only remove the brewing unit when the appliance is switched off:

  • Switch off the appliance with the on/off button (not with the plug!), wait until the machine has completely switched off!
  • Open the service door and remove the drip tray.
  • Press the two red release buttons on the brewing unit towards each other and pull the brewing unit out of the appliance. 


  • Rinse the brewing unit under the hot tap (advice to do it twice a month).

    Note: Do not attempt to remove the brewing unit when the appliance is switched on, as this can cause damage to the appliance.

If you cannot place the brewing unit, proceed as follows:

  • Switch off the appliance and after that switch on the appliance.
  • Wait unit the message ‘INSERT BREWING UNIT’ is displayed.


  • Press the brewing unit firmly from above and below.
  • Place the brewing unit.

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