What do the different display messages mean?


1. Switch off the appliance and unplug it.
2. Open the service door and carefully clean the brewing unit, the waste bin and the drip tray. Also clean the inside of the appliance thoroughly, if necessary with a vacuum cleaner, to remove all coffee particles and residues.
3. Reinsert all cleaned parts into the appliance.
4. Plug in the appliance again.
5. If the message appears again, call the Philips Customer Care Centre.

‘NO WATER! - Fill water tank’   1. The water tank is empty. Fill the water tank with fresh water.
2. The water tank is not inserted properly in the appliance. Push the water tank firmly into place.
3. Make sure that the black water level float in the water tank can move freely (shake the water tank to see if the float moves).
4. Perhaps the water tank is dirty. Rinse or clean the water tank. If necessary, remove scale.

‘GROUND TOO FINE! -Adjust mill’ and ‘INSERT WATER SPOUT! – Press hot water’
1.The coffee is ground too finely and blocks the outflow of water.
 2 This can be caused if you did not push the water tank properly into the appliance.
3. This can appear if you removed the water tank while the appliance was brewing coffee.

The coffee mill makes a rattling noise and the message ‘NO COFFEE BEANS! – Fill container’ appears on the display while there are still beans in the container.

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