Is there a right way to orient the steaming bowls/How do I store the steamer?


All steaming bowls fit on the base. The steaming bowls are numbered. When you stack the steaming bowls, only stack them in this order: 1, 2, 3. You’ll find the number on the handle. The top steaming bowl is no. 3, the middle steaming bowl is no. 2 and the bottom steaming bowl is no. 1.
If you would like to make the steamer as compact as possible for easy storage, use the opposite order: Place steaming bowl 3 on the drip tray. Place steaming bowl 2 in steaming bowl 3. Place steaming bowl 1 in steaming bowl 2. Place the soup/rice bowl in the top steaming bowl. Place the lid on the soup/rice bowl. To store the mains cord, push it into the cord storage compartment in the base.

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