Can I fill the water tank during ironing? What is the correct procedure?


No, the water tank may not be filled during ironing.  This is because the boiler of the appliance may still be pressurised.  Opening the filling cap at this point may lead to hot water or steam scalding.

However, it is possible to quickly refill the water tank

1) To do so, set the on/off switch of the appliance to "ON". Press the steam trigger until you no longer hear any steam escaping from the iron.
This depressurised the boiler inside the appliance.

2) Remove the plug from the wall socket and slowly unscrew the cap of the tank by turning it anticlockwise. The pressure in the tank is now released.

3) Wait for appliance to cool down before filling water (approx 15-20 minutes).  The boiler of the appliance needs to be cooled down sufficiently before refilling.  
Filling wihout cool down period may lead to hot water splashing from the filling hole as the boiler of appliance is still hot enough to convert water into steam causing splashing.

4) Fill the tank with water, and screw the cap back onto the tank. you can now switch the iron back on again. The iron will need about 4 to 5 minutes to reheat.



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