How often and how do I have to clean my device?


  • Clean the appliance every time you have used it. 
  • Abrasives, scourers or liquids such as alcohol, petrol or acetone (nail polish remover) must not be used to clean the appliance. 
  • Make sure the appliance is switched off and disconnected from the mains when you start cleaning it. 
  • Remove the comb attachment by pressing the length setting adjustment knob. 
  • Pull the respective attachment off the appliance – be careful that the attachments do not fall onto the floor. 
  • Clean the attachments by blowing and/or shaking the hairs out and with the brush supplied. You can also rinse them under the running tap. Be sure that the attachments are dry before you reassemble them to the handle again.
  • For cleaning the shaving attachment, separate the top of the micro shaver attachment from its body and clean the inside with the brush supplied or under the running tap.
  • The adapter may only be cleaned with the brush supplied and should not be exposed to water.

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