What are/is the sensual massager(s) for?


Philips Sensual Massagers are designed to enhance both partner's sexual pleasure. They can be used for both an all over body massage and, an intensive stimulation of the erogenous zones. Use it to explore and stimulate each other in new ways that add an extra dimension of intimacy and excitement of your sex life.

Think of the Sensual Massager as an 'extension' of your hands and fingers: one that gives them an extra degree of warmth and five exciting settings to provide even more pleasure. Along with the pleasure your touch gives, your partner will also feel an arousing warmth from the massager's surface, as well as an extra, erotic charge from the vibrating sensation.

Although designed to make foreplay even more fantastic, the massager can also be used to enhance other moments of shared touch, such as during an affectionate foot or neck rub, ecpecially when pre-warmed.

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